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NeuroCoVR VR Sanitary Masks

NeuroCoVR Universal VR Hygienic Masks

Comfortable. Printable. Sustainable.

Patent Pending

Protect your clients while promoting your brand with custom printed Universal VR hygienic masks.

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The NeuroCoVR Universal VR Hygienic Mask by PSI is a washable, fabric face cover that ensures a comfortable, immersive, and hygienic VR experience while providing branding opportunities through full customization. NeuroCoVR Universal VR Hygienic Masks are perfect for public demos at VR trade shows, expositions, VR/AR events, medical, military, commercial and home use. Compatible with Vive VR Headsets – Playstation VR – Gear VR – Oculus – and Apple Vision Pro!



Our Universal VR Hygienic Masks may come printed with your company logo across the top, establishing and promoting your brand in the high tech world of virtual reality. Custom VR Hygienic masks are great for swag bags giveaways, promotional items for VR demos, and classrooms. They eliminate the need for cleaning virtual reality masks between users and provide a lasting image of your company.

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Match Your CoVR to Your Style

why NeuroCoVR?

This high quality Universal VR Hygienic Mask is made of soft material that is hypo-allergenic and breathable. Elastic ear loops hold the hygienic mask comfortably and securely in place and fit most adult users. The custom masks are available in minimum quantities and printed with your company logo.

Compatible with virtually All VR headsets.

  • Lower cost way to advertise your company
  • Create a consistent atmosphere at any corporate event
  • Personalized with your logo to give to clients in swag bags and at trade shows
  • Identify your company with state-of-the-art virtual reality technology
  • Prevents the part where the skin directly contacts VR equipment from sweat, sebum, cosmetics, dirt etc.
  • Protects personal hygiene.

healthcare professionals

hygienic & safe


take a deep breath

share a VR , not the germs.


Absolutely. Can be washed with all other clothing.

Masks are made from a cotton and polyester blend


All orders ship via USPS. Your stock order will arrive within 5-7 business days.

Absolutely. Just visit our “make your own” portion of the site.

NeuroCoVR masks are designed, printed and shipped from our New Jersey manufacturing facility – Paper Strategies, Inc.

Need More Info?

Perhaps you are having a birthday party for 12 or a convention where you might need 5,000 NeuroCoVR Universal VR Hygienic Masks?

We pride ourselves on our customer service and our ability to solve problems most people haven’t thought of! Drop us a message and a NeuroCoVR customer representative will be happy to help.

You may be wondering about the eyes. These are the eyes of David Philip Leary. David inspired many people in his, much too short, time on our planet. He is the reason that PSI built a 3,000 square foot sensory gym in their building and opened it up to families of children with autism and severe behaviors. 12% of the profits, of your purchase, go towards updated sensory equipment, padding and programs that help children and their families cope with the challenges of every day life. We are proud to be partnered with the NJ Special Olympics, the NJ State Police and the NJ Care Management Organization. One person, no matter their ability/disability, can make a profound difference in the lives of people.